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One more thing! I accomplished one of my goals from the summer! I got all dressed up in the cassock and surplice, and I led a fully sung and chanted Morning Prayer! There's a video too!

Well, hey. So I've been doing things. Got back from Boston a couple weeks ago. The classes were really good. One was on the Psalms and the other was on liturgy. I have a fairly light spring planned. I'm only taking one class.

I'm slightly adjusting my long-range academic plans. I'm adjusting more towards North American History. I want to still study in theology, but I feel that having a PhD in history might be better at me getting a job. And I do plan to continue studying and working in theology. All of my work will have a postcolonial focus of some sort. That's something I've really gotten from being at my current school.

I'm moving up to school in May. I'm a bit nervous, but also excited. I'm going to take a road trip up. I'll leave around Mother's Day and arrive in Cambridge, MA, right before graduation so I can help with the ceremony for the graduating students.

I'm planning on organizing the online chapel, and I may get another job too. I don't want to be working too much, but I do need to have an income.

I have several goals for next year, one of which is to start really learning my research languages. I have identified the first two languages I need to learn: Chinese and Spanish. I have found a place in Boston that offers lessons in Chinese, and I plan to take classes while I'm in class.

I also hope to study abroad during this degree. My school has a good exchange program with the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and I'm hoping to study there. Hong Kong uses Cantonese more than Mandarin, so I'll need to see if I can focus on that. I hope to study abroad the year after next. I've renewed my passport, so I'm ready to go!

I'm excited about these plans. I'll miss NC, but I'll be back to visit, and I'm definitely planning on moving back when I'm done with school.
I'm almost finished with one of my papers. Woohoo! It was due yesterday. :P But it'll be fine. I've got my last paper due at the end of the month. Only a couple more weeks!

I think I'm going to have time to go to the hymnsing at Fullsteam tonight. Amelia's coming with me. I'm so excited! I really miss her when she's gone.

My brother finished up with school the other day. I'm so excited for him! He's got a great job lined up.

I've realized I really need to get started on learning Spanish. I've ordered a Spanish-language prayerbook and hymnal. I think that when I go to school, I'm going to organize a group of people to have regular Spanish-language services together. That'll make it easier to learn with a group. I hope by the time I go to school in May that I'll have enough Spanish down to be able to speak a little bit conversationally. I'm going to start going to Unida Iglesia, the Spanish-language services at my church. And I hope to attend St. Cyprian's more often.
So I've been throwing around a project idea lately. I'm working towards a fully sung liturgy for either morning or evening prayer this January. I'm taking it purely from the Book of Common Prayer with most of the music coming from Hymnal 1982. I'm making the order of service into a bookmark so that it's easy to follow.

I'm also working with the idea of fully sung liturgies, I imagine a 10-15min liturgy that includes a full service of prayer. The liturgies could be sung in church, broadcasting on the web, at festivals, and even in bars (like how Fullsteam's brewpub hosts hymnsings).

My project idea is this: Take a modern prayerbook or prayerbook series and fully translate it into sung liturgies. Right now I'm really partial to Phyllis Tickle's The Divine Hours, but I'm also looking at Shane Claiborne's Common Prayer. From there, an app could be developed. I'm really getting into apps for orders of service these days. I'd also probably revise some of their work, as we should always be reforming.

I'm also considering how this project could be informed by other modern prayerbooks. I want to honor diverse traditions without tokenizing or taking prayers out of context. And I'm considering how that could faithfully be done.

It'd be a big project, particularly with The Divine Hours. But this could be a project for the next several years.

My next step is definitely to work on the liturgies I have planned for the January session.
1. A fully sung liturgy according to the Book of Common Prayer
2. A Coffee Liturgy
3. A Liturgy of Light and Darkness for Epiphany.

And one of my goals this year (by the end of June session) is to preach at least once. I figure I could do that in a midday prayer service.

As I write these liturgies and whatnot, I'ma save them for my portfolio. I also plan to videorecord some of these services. Some of these I think will bloom into other services as well. For instance, I have a range of themes on which I hope to do coffee liturgies. And I hope that the Liturgy of Light and Darkness will eventually bloom into an Epiphany vigil. But this is a good place to start.

Anywho. Enough rambling. I've got revision to do on some papers. Ttyl.
So next summer when I go to Boston, the scholarship I'm getting is going to cover not only tuition, but also a lot of my living expenses. That's really a relief. I'm excited that I'll be able to concentrate on my studies. I also plan to do a lot with worship and prayer in the chapel. I'm so excited!

I'm looking at churches in the area. The one I really am considering is Union UMC in Boston. I went to a service there this past summer and it was pretty fantastic. So That's where I'm setting my sights.

I sing in church this Sunday. I'm doing a Rebecca St. James song as well as singing the Lord's Prayer. I'm hoping I've practiced enough!

Here, have some good music. ^_^


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One more thing! I accomplished one of my goals from the summer! I got all dressed up in the cassock and surplice, and I led a fully sung and chanted Morning Prayer! There's a video too!

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